Property for Sale in Baguio 70% FREE via property management: Saleng Spa and Wellness Towers with World-Class Wellness Amenities now PRE-SELLING

Casa-Infini’s promise of a home that allows you to live longer seems like a thing of the future but it’s not science fiction, it’s a fact.

What is wealth without wellness?

A total of 30% of the development’s cost was allocated to wellness amenities that members and owners will be able to enjoy two years after it is completed. There are several features on the property that promote holistic health, both indoors and outdoors.  

Besides the amenities, what makes the property so valuable is its location. The cool climate and lush scenery of Baguio City in the Cordilleras make it a popular destination year-round. Even when the rest of the archipelago is experiencing extreme heat, Baguio remains chill. In the past few years, tourists and residents have been flocking to the city in increasing numbers. As a result, properties near the city center are becoming increasingly valuable over time.

At first glance, prices here can seem intimidating. Don’t let that stop you. Instead, you must understand what makes the property a good investment. While property management features can help ease the buyer’s financial responsibilities, one should also consider what makes the property truly valuable. An important standard is how well it meets the human need for comfort and security.

There are 6 major wellness amenities that make up Saleng Spa and Wellness Towers. Four of them are found in the basement area; a sauna, a scrub room, a massage area, and a party jacuzzi are placed next to each other. Our architects and designers envisioned these amenities with a luxury experience in mind. Expect high-ceiling rooms with marble walls, and strategically placed lights and speakers to aid in their stress-relieving effect, enhancing the whole experience.

It’s worth mentioning that the roof deck is also a wellness area. Among its highlights is the heated infinity pool under the soaring mountain lights and silhouetted pine trees of the city skyline which has never been seen in any property in Baguio City before.

Saleng Towers, with its heated infinity pool, mini theater, music bar, and other features, is one of the best properties in Baguio for investors and home seekers. To align everything, the mini theatre will foster social interaction among residents and guests, creating a healthy community of wellness enthusiasts.

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