Investment for Beginners: How to Grow Your Money Through Real Estate

I understand that investing your hard-earned money into something for the first time can feel unsettling. But coming from a newbie’s perspective, an investment program with the least risk possible is the most secure and ideal.

There’s a golden rule in investing. The greater the risk, the higher the return. However, the amount of risk we are willing to take doesn’t automatically correlate with our probability of success. Especially when we’re delving into the unknown.

Over the past decade, the bulls and bears of the trading world battled it out. But in trading, not everyone gets to be on the pretty side of things. I’d like to call it “intelligent or informed gambling”. Familiarizing yourself with how things work is the best you can do but in the case of trading, it’s not enough. 

This begs the question, what now?

Real Estate is a thriving industry in the Philippines that most Filipinos take for granted. It can be attributed to a lot of factors but one stands out, the lack of education.

For most, real estate seems to be a fancy concept. But the truth is, this is something all of us should learn and take advantage of. Especially, the potential of growing your money through it. 

When entering a Real Estate partnership, you’re essentially contributing to a development project. With this, you should know the four primary factors that affect a property’s value. These are Supply and Demand, Location and Neighborhood Comps, Size and Layout, and Age and Condition.

Studying these concepts will take a long time. And looking for real estate companies that are open to direct partnerships can be challenging too. But hold on, you’ll thank me for this.

There’s a start-up making rounds in Baguio City, the Ray-Casa Group. It is mainly because of their buyer-investor programs and their first-ever development project, Saleng Spa and Wellness Towers. I’ve written about it on another blog, I’ll link it out.

A generous company like Ray-Casa is one in thousands in the Philippines. Imagine earning a monthly cash flow of 3.5%-4.5% of what you initially put in. Only that, it isn’t imagination working. There are real estate professionals involved in this program, making sure that the partnership between you and the company stays strong and sustainable.

Considering the current instability of crypto and the stock market, real estate is the path to take!

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