Return on Wellness (ROW): Why should you start investing in wellness?

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It seems that confinement takes precedence in our existing residential buildings; tall structures with little to no amenities, rooms designed only to hold a bed and a plate, stairs that don’t encourage walking, and a lobby reserved only for receiving packages and deliveries.

These kinds of properties have somehow failed to promote the health and wellness of their residents, which are essential for living a fulfilling life. In addition, COVID-19 exacerbated our feelings of isolation as we shifted away from an active to a sedentary lifestyle. And with the advancement of technology that has changed the way we earn a living and how we spend our lives, the number of people staying at home has increased over the last three years more than it has in the last century.


These concerns gave birth to a global movement called wellness lifestyle real estate. There are a lot of factors that can influence wellness in a residential area or property. Global Wellness Institute(GWI) defines wellness lifestyle real estate as “homes that are proactively designed and built to support the holistic health of their residents”. It is a whole different story to foster a wellness community, but GWI says it all starts with a clear intention and a supportive operational model.

The Saleng Spa and Wellness Towers

 With the CEO’s direct involvement, the project gained more depth, “Covid experience, my travels as a globally competent individual contributed a lot to this project and my research into the correlation of human behavior over service amenities plus paying for comfort. Some of the hi-end places I visited like The Farm, Okada Manila, Balesin Island, Guangzhou Sofitel, Shanghai Marriot, Alphaland, Brent Residences, amongst others”, CEO Jianlin revealed how she was inspired to bring wellness lifestyle real estate to the city based on her personal experiences during the height of the pandemic and her travels to some of the most luxurious properties here and abroad.

Although wellness lifestyle development is not a new concept here in the country, it is a landmark project in Baguio, the Salad Bowl of the Philippines. With its cool climate, the city is perfect for living a wellness lifestyle. Additionally, the Saleng Towers’ location is close to a number of Baguio’s evergreen parks from where residents can walk to and from, enjoying the fresh air on their morning walks or afternoon runs. 

Another feature that sets Saleng Towers apart from its competitors is its mini theatre. “It is a unique innovation, with the mini theatre incorporation, I think I am the only development company with this amenity in Baguio – Benguet in a residential condo development”, Jianlin says. More importantly, incorporating a mini theatre contributes to wellness in a significant way. Entertainment has been proven to distract us from the stress-causing factors in our lives. Human creativity is another important aspect of holistic wellness, which contributes to healthy brain development. A 2015 study published by the American Academy of Neurology found that getting involved in the arts lowers the risk of developing the early signs of dementia by 73%

Baguio city is at the heart of Cordillera. I find it most fitting for the city’s location and climate to have a real estate development project that centers on wellness. Our wellness is a progressive journey towards self-betterment. Our mind and body are indicators of our wellness. We can never put a price on this pursuit, we can however make the right choices with the right people!

The completion of this project will raise the standard of condominium living in the region to a whole new level. The wellness lifestyle you can experience here can’t be found anywhere else in the country. Visit our website at or drop by at our office, 75 P. Burgos Baguio City to know more about this project! 

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