4th Man of the World Opening Events, A Prologue to A Journey Long Cultural Immersion 

With the theme “Masculinity and Responsibility,” the fourth edition of Man of the World, hosted by the RAYCASA Group of Companies, the Man of the World Organization, and PEPPS, featured the Cordillera as a whole. We planned a number of events around the themes of “Tourism Recovery,” “Appreciation of Culture,” and “Preservation of Heritage” in order to fully immerse the delegates in Cordilleran culture, highlight the many tourist attractions we have, and ultimately show the depth of our Cordilleran identity to the global community.

The official photoshoot featuring the delegates dressed in their official swimwear by Pegaro Swims and the Bahag/G-String from the Province of Apayao, Abra, Benguet, Mt. Province, and Ifugao at The Cove, Okada Manila marked the official opening of the Man of the World 4th Edition on June 9.

Prior to the event, the Delegates were briefed on the significance of the Bahag, how to properly wear it, and what it means to immerse oneself in the said material culture. Dr. Maria Aplaten, an artist, cultural worker, and educator who has worked for years on the Cordillera Culture, was in command of all this. Following the G-string/ Bahag assigned to them, the delegates were also taught movements and stances derived from the dances of specific ethnic groups from the cordillera. The Man of the World 4th Edition delegates wore G strings from major Cordillera ethnolinguistic groups, specifically the Bontok and Kankaneys’ Wanes, the Ibaloy’s Kuval, the Tingguians’ Ba-al, the Isnegs’ Abag, and the Ifugao’s Wanoh.

Simultaneously, as a means to intensify our cause an exhibit on the Bahag was also installed at the Golden Ballroom of Okada Manila. The same Bahag Exhibit was also mounted at the Foyer of the Grand Ballroom,Okada Manila last July 11,2022 at the Opening Competition. Giving a glimpse of what the Cordillera has to offer, various items and artifacts were put on display following the concept of the Dap-ay, a circular place or structure commonly made of stone with stone seats and a central fireplace. This serves as the center of rituals and gatherings in Cordilleran Communities as well as as a venue for meetings and public forums between the council of elders.

Following this concept, visitors to the exhibit will find themselves immersed in the various facets of the exhibit when positioned in the center, as if the items and artifacts that comprise our material culture radiate their authenticity to the attendee. Descriptions of the various G-Strings of the Cordillera’s Ethnolinguistic Groups, a feature of our weavings ranging from traditional women’s garments to modern commercial weaves, are strategically placed throughout the exhibit. Crafts such as basketry, woodworking, and the various musical instruments unique to the Cordillera are also featured in the exhibit. An interactive play and discussion on the use of each instrument is demonstrated by our Assigned Cordilleran Ushers from the Ray Casa Group of Companies to further appreciate these instruments. A vibrant representation of our rich cultural heritage.

An Art Installation in the form of a Cordilleran House serving as one of the Center Pieces in the Bahag Exhibit mounted at the Golden Ballroom Okada Manila

This serves as an introduction to the Cordillera’s cultural offerings. A pretext for a deeper interaction with what our delegates experienced through the series of events that followed, in which we exposed them to the authenticity of Cordilleran culture in terms of cuisine, music, dance, rituals, and people.

A true Cordilleran cultural immersion experience.

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