Conquering World Stage with RAY CASA

Given our unique cultural landscape, stunning sceneries, our rich traditions, and a community proud of their ethnicity, we are beamed with pride as we flaunt our Cordillera in the International Arena. RAY CASA Group of Companies will serve as the hosts of the 4th Man of the World (MOTW) that will be held this coming June 2022 in Baguio City. 

The Team from RAY CASA Group of Companies at the 4th Man of the World Press Conference. *Photo Credits to Mr. Elmer Diga

The partnership with Man of the World Organization and Prime Events Production Philippines Foundation (PEPPs) was ink sealed last January 22, at the Golden Ballroom, Okada Manila, in a hybrid press conference. It was designed to ensure more attendees would witness the event,  A brilliant adaptation given the limitations of this pandemic. The virtual and onsite press conference was attended by members of the media and adding to the excitement were the presence of the international candidates and national directors of Man the World. 

Our CEO/COO,Ms. Jennylyn Delos Santos-Floresca or Direk Jianlin was presented as the overall chairman and executive producer of the 4th Man of the World together with our Digital Marketing Strategist Ms. Jinky Delos Santos-Lontoc serving as MOTW’s Project Director. 

PEPPs President Carlo Morris Galang shared with excitement about the partnership and how our management’s and vision’s compatibility are a match made from heaven. Embodying the core advocacy of MOTW on global competence, education, and international relations. 

With our location, and our identity as Cordillerans, the 4th Annual man of the World highlights  Heritage Preservation and Tourism Recovery as its theme. We are fully aware of the fact that our tourism industry, our people were greatly affected by the pandemic. And with the upcoming event, we are certain that this will create a huge impact on our tourism, eventually helping our Cordillera Community and our country. As we highlight the resiliency of our people, we also educate the masses and the world on our ways, on our connections in creating sustainable means to overcome the various challenges brought by the pandemic. 

From the set design to the overall feel of the presscon, we gave the attendees a glimpse of what they should expect in the upcoming 4th Man of the World hosted by Ray Casa group of Companies. Reflecting our indigeneity through music and art, Be Unrivaled Production’s Exclusive Talent, Mr. Azure Altaki performed the song “Dontog ” one of the Official SoundTracks of our Short Film Dayas, which garnered international and local recognition. Accompanied by our Production Designer, Mr. Kyle Solar, they also performed the OST for the upcoming film 1941 Cordillera Iti Ima ti Gubat, entitled “Palamantayaw”, echoing a different taste with our cordillera fusion of indigenous instruments and modern music. 

Our 1941 Cordillera Iti Ima Ti Gubat actors and Sine Cordillera Exclusive Talents also served as the Hosts of the presscon; the face of Sine Cordillera Ms. Dexter Jaimee Tampoa and Cordillera Hunk, Mr. Teen International Kenneth Jhave Bautista. They will be joined by Ms. Kristel Galang and Mr. Inaki Torres as the hosts of the 4th Man of the World “Road to the Crown” Digital Series, where we share a sneak peek of the behind-the-scenes and other colorful events prior to the Grand Coronation Night. Under the Direction of the International Pageant Director Direk Kneil Harley, with the supervision of our Direk Jianlin, we expect a more refined staging filled with more meaningful activities. 

As we elevate our advocacy in Promoting the Cordilleras through our projects and events, we extend our commitment to tapping our local artists and cultural workers to ensure the genuineness and authenticity of all the aspects we present to the world. Anticipate a cultural fusion that captures the essence of what we are as people of our Ili. 

HAGIYO! Matago-tago tako am-in!

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