An Afternoon With Future Filmmakers: Direk Jianlin’s Take on Filmmaking

Earlier this afternoon, we explored the Short Film Dayas and our perspective in Film Making with a group of  Communication Students from Benguet State University. This is for their research entitled “State of Cordilleran Films: Started to Flourish and Receive International Awards” in partial fulfillment of their Communication Research Subject. 

Credits to Ms. Kathleen Esteban and her Group. Aside from Dayas, they plan to interview the actors or directors of some of the Cordilleran Films recognized locally and/or internationally.

In the said interview we talked about the many facets of the film Dayas – from the gold panning process from which the film’s title was derived, to the narrative’s history which goes back to the Life story of Mr.  Benjamin Galletes, an igorot miner. Beyond the cultural and historical facade of the film, the discussion also highlighted how Dayas serves as a tribute to the victims of the Typhoon Ompong.

Direk Jianlin also reiterated the importance of Authenticity and Genuineness of the Cultural aspect in Cordilleran Film, as depicted in Dayas. The fact that  Carrotman of the Philippines, Jeyrick Sigmaton won as Best Actor in the International  Film Festival Manhattan Autumn 2021 New York for his portrayal in the DAYAS is a great validation for us since its the first time that a Cordilleran Won as Best Actor in the history of IFFM.  This goes to show that  aside from our Cordilleran Artists,  our Cordilleran Film Makers are evolving to be Globally Competent.

A screenshot of the Interview. Direk Jianlin with BA Communication students of Benguet State University, namely, Bevian M. Carpio, Erica B. Cocoy, Genzel E. Depayso, Kathleen D. Esteban, Senia L. Fernandez and Johan Mae S. Galati

When asked about the strategy on making your work be recognized by award giving bodies, Direk simply  said that our genuineness is our best strategy. She expounded this by telling that when doing work there should be no hidden agenda, everything should be genuinely out of passion.  The importance of High research skill for the director/writer and  the team behind the film was also reiterated.  As it would enable you to study the trends on why specific films won in specific film festivals,  you will  be updated with the competitions scifics as well as deadlines. You will also be able to assess and apply the elements necessary in your edits that would give a punch to the jurors. But ultimately,  it all boils down to a good material,  everything starts with the material you put in the market. 

Direk Jianlin also discussed about the importance of a good partnership and cooperation between the Director and tbe Director of Photography for better result. Direk also stressed that after every shoot everything should be checked and back-up files are a must. 

For the upcoming film makers  of BSU,  Direk Jianlin advised them to fully put their passion and art in their product. To accept advices from people but ultimately decide everything on what they feel is right.  As she said “If you feel its right then its right. Don’t let someone silence you.” Film makers should insist on what they want,  and should feel excited in what they are trying to conceive. 

DIREK JIANLIN| DAYAS Director and Script Writer

Finally,  prior to the end of the interview, Direk Jianlin reminded that when working on their narratives,  the objective should be to finish the story in their minds first,  followed by the plot and the specifics of what they wanted to happen.

An interaction with our future Cordilleran Film makers like the Communication students  of BSU makes us optimistic in our movement of showcasing our Cordilleran Narratives for the world to see.

The Director, Cast and Crew of Dayas

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