DAYAS: Reignited

Our hearts are filled with warmth and gratitude for the overwhelming support you have poured for the Onsite and Online Streaming of our Short Film DAYAS last Nov. 7.

The Onsite Film Screening of Dayas was held at YMCA Baguio at 1 PM for the matinee and 5 PM for the GALA. A press conference was also held at 2 PM attended by our media partners that day.

The Gala screening was met with excitement and joy as a full production was showcased for the audience to see. The program solemnly started with a prayer, a Kankana-ey version of the ”Lord’s Prayer was sung by the Singing Minero’s, Kurt Jeo Solar and Azure Altaki infused with cordillera elements from traditional instruments like the the “Kulaleng”(nose flute), the “Kulibao”(Jews Harp) and the “Tongatong”(a percussion instrument made of various lengths of Bamboo) by some of the Sine Cordillera Talents and staff.

An opening number featuring our Cordillera Dances by the “Ïgorot Warriors” followed. Displaying our rich and beautiful culture in every step that they make, the group wearing our Cordilleran attires in full regalia showcased portrayals and dances on War, Conflict resolution, Peace, Courtship and Celebration.

Aside from the actual screening of the film, the most anticipated part of the Gala is the production number which featured the Official Soundtracks of the short Film DAYAS that was Composed by the Singing Mineros and musically directed by Direk Jianlin. The audience was thrown into a roller coaster of emotions as they witnessed the weaving of various art performances by the Cast of Dayas, the Sine Cordillera Talents, the Igorot Warriors while the Official Soundtracks were played by the Composers themselves, the Singing Mineros namely Kurt Jeo Solar, Azure Altaki, Jaymoh Javier, accompanied by Bandang Katha.

Tears filled the auditorium in the first half of the production number as The Face of Sine Cordillera, Ms. Dexter Jaimie Tampoa displayed her acting prowess, embodying the sorrows experienced by the characters of the film while the DAYAS Official Theme Song ”Kinabigatan” was played by the Singing Mineros. This was immediately followed with an interpretative dance number by Ms.Tampoa and Mr. Feymon Ymana in a reinvented version of the OST “Sin-eng”. Afterward, under the music of “Dontog” the Cast of Dayas; Frances Kate Mandanes, Joan Solang, Rholeen Jhay, Cayacay, Rod Joeffrey Clemente, Trisha Joyce Dacanay, and the Sine Cordillera Talents; Ruhhiyah Ymana, Jamir Delos Santos, Dexter Jaimie, Tampoa, Feymon Ymana, and Nicole Arenas lifted the energy in the air with their dance number.
The hype intensified with the all-cast grand performance of the OST “ Umali” ending with loud applause from the audience.

The program continued with an Opening message from the Dayas Director of Photography, Direk Pete Mariano, and a heartbreaking performance by Sine Cordillera exclusive talent Mr. Kurt Jeo Solar for his original composition Minsan Mali din ang Tadhana where Cordilleran Actors Jeyrick Sigmaton, Kenneth Bautista, and Mai Fanglayan were featured in its official music video. The said performance is a testament to the advocacy of Be Unrivaled Productions, Sine Cordillera, and Direk Jianlin on providing a platform, a nurturing environment for our Cordilleran talents to thrive.

With the anticipation of the short film at its peak, the making of Dayas was played introducing the scenes and building up the expectation of the audience on why the film was recognized internationally. Immediately after, the Short Film Dayas was played on screen. DAYAS was an entry to United Kingdom’s First Time Film-makers online Sessions, India’s Novel International Film Festival and Awards, and the recently concluded International Film Festival Autumn 2021 Manhattan, New York where our “Carrotman of the Philippines” Jeyrick Sigmaton won as IFFM Best Actor for the short film DAYAS.

After the screening, a message from the DAYAS Publicist, Sir Mel Navarro narrating how the idea of creating the short film Dayas was born together with its Director and Scriptwriter Direk Jianlin.

Finally, the Gala ended with a curtain call, a final bow in recognition of the Cast and production team of Dayas as well as the performers of the Dayas Official Screening production. Gratitude was offered to all those who watched and supported Dayas.

The immense support received from people from all walks of life only proved the worthiness of our stories and talents in the local and international scene. For the Be Unrivaled Productions, Sine Cordillera, and Direk Jianlin, the success of DAYAS marks the start of revolutionizing the independent film industry in the Cordillera. A new beginning for discovering new talents and creating more films worthy of local and international success.

A recap of DAYAS Onsite Screening Production held at YMCA Auditorium last Nov. 7, 2021.

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