DAYAS: A Win for our Cordilleran Narratives and Talents.

Our “Carrotman of the Philippines”, Mr. Jeyrick Sigmaton Won as the Best actor for the International Film Festival Manhattan Autumn 2021 in New York (IFFM) for our short film “DAYAS”.   In the history of the IFFM New York, it is the first time that a Cordilleran won as the Best Actor in the Short film Category. Jeyrick won together with Philippine Veteran actress Janice De Belen as Best Actress for their film “Wounded Blood” and bested his co-nominee, actor Angelo Reyes (USA) from the film “21st Colonial”  for the Best Actor Category.

IFFM offers a quality selection of world-class films showcasing it in theaters in Manhattan New York City, USA. They feature a collection of various works in different genres like narrative features, documentaries, student films, and short films. DAYAS was chosen as an official selection of the Short film category where it competed against works of both new and upcoming directors as well as veteran directors with known actors all over the world, gratefully, Dayas’ Jeyrick Sigmaton won as the Best Actor for the said category. Indeed, this is a win for Dayas and the whole cordillera.  This feat would not be possible if not for the collective effort and passion poured by everyone who are part of this film. 

A brainchild of Scriptwriter and Director Direk Jianlin De Los Santos Floresca, Dayas explores the lives of small-scale miners of Itogon Benguet. An introspection to the lives of “Bantay”, Jeyrick Sigmaton, and “Hakob”, Kel Vicente Aguilan in response to the challenges of the changing times, the continuation of beliefs and traditions, and an unforeseen tragedy.

Through the direction of Direk Jianlin the threads of passion were weaved in DAYAS, taking our Cordilleran actors under her wing, molding them to embody the soul of our predecessors to tell our story.   With the expertise of Director of Photography Direk Pete Mariano, Publicist Mel Navarro, Coordinating director Ms.  Jinky Lontoc,  Editor Mr. Elmer Diga, and the determination of all the Sine Cordillera and Be Unrivaled Productions Casts and Production Team, we were able to create a product worthy of International Recognition.

It is only just to recognize the characters who were instrumental in supporting and bringing out the best of ‘Bantay”  Jeyrick Sigmaton. We are so proud to have been given the opportunity to further nurture the talents of our Cordilleran casts, Mr. Kel Vicente Aguilan, Frances Kate Mandanes, Christopher John Baniaga, Joan Solang, Benjamin Galletes, March Rejhael Balan-eg, Rholeen Jhay Cayacay, Trisha Joyce Dacanay, Rod Joeffrey Clemente, Wilfredo Pascua, Basilio Falisong Jr., and Kapt. Peter Wasing. We also thank the Singing Mineros, Kurt Jeo Solar, Azure Altaki, and Jaymoh Javier for strengthening the essence of our Cordilleran identity through their music as the composers of the Official Sound Tracks of DAYAS. 

Together with Direk Jianlin, “BANTAY” Jeyrick Sigmaton, and the whole production team and the cast of DAYAS, we express our gratitude to all who are part of the International Film Festival Manhattan, New York City, specifically to Mr. Luis Pedron, Chairman of IFFM NYC, for allowing us to use your platform to tell our stories and recognizing the acting prowess and efforts of our Cordilleran Talents. We would also like to thank all our partners and PTV Cordillera, Ms. Alah Sungduan, Igorotage, the Torogi Wanderer, Igorot TV, FBI Tribe, Wow Cordillera, Bombo Radio Philippines, 89.5 Star FM,  DJ Nash,  98.7 Z Radio, Kap. Peter Wasing, and to all the people behind the success of our short film DAYAS, our deepest appreciation to all of you. Agyaman Kami!

This achievement only proves that our Cordilleran Narratives and Talents are worth sharing for the world to see.

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