A Home Built with Trust

The CASA INFINI Builder’s and Realty Co. Ltd extends its gratitude to Mr. Alexander and  Ms. Mercedes Alnas and their family for their immense trust in the company. Mr. and Ms. Alnas are one of the very first clients of the company for the customized housing project. A turnover ceremony spearheaded by the company’s CEO, the cordilleran realtor Ms. Jianlin Delos-Santos Floresca, was held last September 30, 2021, for the Alnas Family’s new home located at Pinsao Rd. Baguio City.

As a tradition in CASA INFINI’s turnover ceremonies, the recipients of the house receive symbolic gifts as a sign of commitment, trust, and gratitude. Starting with a bowl of rice, the grains, which represent good health and a sumptuous blessing to every family’s table, followed by a bowl of salt, representing a life full of flavor, a cup of water, for a plentiful of blessings, a bowl of coins for a fruitful life for the Alnas family, a golden Key, as access for the various doors of opportunities to open and lastly, a wooden house, a cordilleran Nipa hut to be exact, representing the company’s commitment and intention of Giving a Happy Home to every family.

Starting from the groundbreaking of the lot in Pinsao, the foundations of the new house made way for a stronger bond between the company’s CEO Ms. Jianlin F., and the Alnas family. As the happy home built by the company started to take shape, the trust poured by both parties was cemented. As they reminisce the years of relationship, tears of satisfaction and gratitude filled the air. A goal worked on years ago, a dream granted through a generous flow of resources and effort, a new home the Alnas Family fully deserves. Truly, a home built with trust, a testament to CASA INFINI’s commitment to building a happy home. 

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