DAYAS: A Celebration of our Roots and Victories

This October is the celebration of the Indigenous Peoples Month. Home to at least ten major ethnolinguistic groups; Kankana-ey (Kankanai), Ibaloy, Bontok, Kalinga, Isneg, Itneg, Ifugao, Kalanguya, Iwak, Ga’dang, the Cordillera Region boasts a vibrant environment and a rich thriving culture. With the passage of time, most of the beliefs and traditions are still preserved and practiced as the people of the cordillera continue to adapt but still pay homage to their predecessors. Posing a question to these beliefs and traditions means posing a question to one’s identity.

These aspects were considered in the making of the Short Film “DAYAS”, a portrayal of the delicate balance between the challenges of the changing times and the continuation of beliefs and traditions. The film is an ensemble of our various cordilleran identities as all aspects embodying the film are Cordilleran in Nature, from the Cordilleran Director and Scriptwriter, Direk Jianlin Floresca, to its all-Cordilleran Cast featuring the “Carrotman of the Philippines”, Mr. Jeyrick Sigmaton. The Kankana-ey language was also used in the film. In addition, the Official Soundtrack made by cordilleran musicians, the Singing Mineros, weaved the essence of the film through their music, fused with chants and cordilleran musical elements.

Today, “Dayas” echoes its authenticity and richness to the international stage as it is recognized in at least 3 international Film Festival; the United Kingdom’s “First-Time Filmmaker Online Sessions”, India’s “Noble InternationalFilm Festival And Awards”, and New York’s “International Film Festival Manhattan Autumn 2021(IFFM)”.

We urge everyone to continue their support of the film at the Official Screening of IFFM New York this October 14-17, 2021. Join us in our journey as we proclaim to the international stage that our Cordilleran Narratives and talents are worthy to be heard and seen.

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