“Dayas” Another Step Moving Forward

We are proud to share with everyone that among 7,000 entries, our Short Film entitled “Dayas” was selected for the Noble Film International Film Festival and Awards(NFIFF), 2021 in India. 

The NFIFF was organized by a new-age film production house “Taandav Media Works Pvt Ltd.” In India with the vision of helping every creator to stream their content over the production house’s live theater and monetize every view while they connect and network virtually.

Directed by Ms. Jennylyn De Los Santos-Floresca or Direk Jianlin, “Dayas”, (the local term for the Gold Panning process) talks about the lives of traditional small-scale miners in the mountains of Itogon, Benguet.  This cultural drama revolves around the lives of 2(two) “Agkailian”(same place of origin), symbolizing two different perspectives. One who follows the beliefs, traditions, and rituals for “balitok”(gold) because of his background and upbringing, and one who is losing faith and blames tradition because of the death of a loved one.  

The film also features the portrayal of the miners’ way of life from the process of going from one tunnel to another gathering for gold ore concentrates, to the actual extraction of gold from the concentrates. It likewise shows the dangers they encounter and the irony of fortune behind a tragedy.

In the film we get to see the basic social construct of a typical traditional cordilleran community. It highlights the importance of the Elders as the gatekeepers of tradition, making sure that the beliefs and rituals established by our forefathers are followed and respected. Whereas the rest of the community follows and trusts their wisdom, from managing the resources for the community to the resolution of conflicts.

It also explores some Cordilleran beliefs. Some small-scale miners believe that Kabunian (God) and Anitos (spirits of ancestors) own the nature’s resources. This belief demands that we give respect to the bounty hence, festivals and rituals are held in their honor.

This short film was one of the passion projects produced by Be Unrivaled Productions and Sine Cordillera. We are delighted to say that all materials used in this short film were purely Cordilleran in nature.

While this is a film of many firsts, one thing we are thrilled about are the actors playing the 2 protagonists. Debuting in their first film ever are Mr.  Jerick Sigmaton, (also known as the “Carrotman of the Philippines”) and Mr. Kel Aguilan Vicente (Mr CASA 2018, one of the Igorot Hotties and 1st runner up to Mr. Universe Tourism Philippines 2019).

The Official Sound tracks of the film were composed by the Singing Mineros, namely, Kurt Jeo Solar, Azure Altaki and Jaymoh Javier with the guidance of Direk Jianlin also serving as the Musical Director.

We take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the creation of the short film, from the Director of Photography Mr. Pete Mariano, 1st Cameraman Mr. Mark Anthony Reinoso, 2nd Cameraman Alberto Reyes,  Editor Elmer Diga, Audio Harley Jake Gonzales Bandong,  Coordinating Director Ms. Jinky Delos Santos Lontoc, Publicity Director Mell Navaro, all staff under the Be Unrivaled Productions, the Singing Mineros,  and our other cordilleran talents/cast members, Frances Kate Mandanes, Christopher John Baniaga, Joan Solang, Benjamin Galletes, March Rejhael Balan-eg, Rholeen Jhay Cayacay, Trisha Joyce Dacanay, Rod Joeffrey Clemente, Wilfredo Pascua, Chester Fausto, Basilio Falisong Jr. and Kapt. Peter Wasing.

From the Script, Official Soundtrack, and to the talents, truly, we as Cordilleran’s have Stories to Tell and Talents to Showcase.

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