Musical Directing with Direk Jianlin

Here’s a sneak peek of what you should anticipate in the Film 1941: Cordillera Iti Ima ti Gubat.

The Film’s Co-Director and Executive Producer Direk Jianlin together with our exclusive talents, the Singing Mineros (Kurt Jeo Solar and Azure Altaki) worked on one of the film’s Official Sound Track. In this song we get to hear the product of both artists’ musicality and artistry along with Direk Jianlin’s musical direction as they capture the essence of the film through this original love song.

The song talks about the butterfly, a fitting metaphor for love that is fleeting, a love that left or ended not because of choice, and a lover that anticipates its return. The Singing Mineros created a new flavor for the film by fusing both Japanese and Kankanaey languages.

They weaved our cordilleran identity and the feelings of Japanese love songs into the melody. Truly, this marriage of cultures embody the vision of its Director, Direk Jianlin for the film 1941: Cordillera Iti Ima ti Gubat.

We will soon hear from the composers and singers, as well as the musical director, in an exclusive interview about the details of the official soundtracks.

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