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ASAN SI ” JUDITH ” sumikat na character that means ‘ DUE -DATE ” monthly that threatens everyone who doesn’t have Financial Management

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Peace of Mind and Security is far fetched with someone who is not literate on financial management. That I know personally as a graduate of 2 courses, now a 4th year Law student , a well travelled person, and a CEO of Ray International Philippines Corporation and Casa infini Builders and Realty Co. Ltd and of course a Licensed Real estate Broker, Appraiser and Real Estate Consultant, I’ve been to the darkest pit of economic and mental stress that is caused mainly by IGNORANCE on Financial Literacy and Management of finances. For me it is a course if you are not knowledgeable on how discipline and Real estate Investment works. Your life will be a mockery of your doing.

Jennylyn De los Santos -Floresca , REB, REA , REC

Imagine not knowing how to manage your hard earned money and repeat months and years of works with same results. Let me test this revelation of mine. Ilang tao ka na Kalyan ? kabayan ? fellow citizen of this world ?. Look at the mirror now and tell me how old are you now ? May you be an entrepreneur , a professional or someone who just gets by . How many years have you been doing what you have been doing . It will not hurt you if you listen to me this time and understand my perspective in Real estate by immersing to my proven Real Estate Investment getting back your losses ten -times worth through condominium financing . Give me 12 months and instead of saving all your money to the bank or throwing away parties, buying gadgets, gambling , being shopaholic and all . Why not read this article , watch this FilmMercial we prepared for awareness . It’s a life changing realization. This article embodies my 15 year Financial realization and this year will be my legacy and advocacy of helping as much people as possible ” ditoy Kafagway and the whole of Cordilleras and all Filipinos mostly OFW’s worldwide to GAIN their losses through ” CONDOMINIUM FINANCING ” education .

The only way to solve and regain your losses and to stop the fears of due -date is to face all your creditors, pay your debts and manage strict compliance on managing your finances . You should cultivate willingness and mindfulness to pay and you will see how your Credit score an self confidence will dramatically change.

Trully the most financial draining is not this Pandemic but coming from an expert like me it is the IGNORANCE on Financial Management and Real Estate Investment . Let`s start working for our peace of mind and security . Kung makakarelate kayo kay Judith , I would like to make more videos and literacy Filmercial like this by showing me your support . Like and subscribe too my website and you tube channel and continue following my social media accounts . Thank you kakailyanzs. Manbibinnadang Taku , kayo tayo Daytoy.

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