Hello, Kakailyan netizens! Dayas, the film by Be Unrivaled Production can be viewed this Saturday and Sunday. Yes, the film that’s specially made for us Cordillerans will be viewed this April 24 and 25! You can watch it at Mofamco Hall T. Alonzo Street, Baguio City, or if you’re not in Baguio City or you want to watch it in the comfort of your homes, you can watch it through online means. For more information, you can contact us at the information I’ll be giving below.

With the COVID restrictions, we cannot bring in as many people as we want to in the venue, that’s why we scheduled the film viewing 4 times so we can accommodate as many Kakailyans in the safest way possible, a Matinee and a Gala for both 24 and 25. For our Matinee show, you can enjoy the show for as low as P250 for students or P450 for adults. You can also buy a P800 ticket for the 3rd rows or the P1000 ticket for the front row with inclusions. As for the Gala, a lot of Kakailyans already booked the P500 making it sold out, so the available tickets are from the P800 – P1500 tickets, it’s has more inclusions hence the price.

That’s not all, there will also be an on-the-spot comic avatar contest that will be held on the same day. The grand prize will be P15,000, yes P15,000! The contestants will make a comic avatar for none other than Miss Jianlin herself, Our Cordilleran Realtor. Not only will the winner receive such a generous amount of cash prize but also his/her comic avatar will then be used by Sine Cordillera and affiliate companies as their avatar for one year. The competition will be held at 1 pm, Mofamco Hall, April 24&25. If you want to join or if you know someone who can join, contact us in the following info below. Contestants will automatically have a free ticket for the Matinee film viewing as an inclusion to their P500 entrance fee.

Wait there’s more, we will also have a free for all audition this April 24&25! April 24 at 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm and April 25 at 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Why free for all? Well, because as long as you have something you can show us, you can join the audition. Be it a scriptwriter, actor/actress, singer, dancer, variety, you can have a chance to be one of our talents for future projects that we would do. *cough* *cough* big film coming up *cough* *cough*

Last but not the least, we are selling Dayas merchandise for a limited time to support our community! We have Bamboo pens, Bamboo notebooks, tumblers, wine sets, T-shirts and foldable fans. For purchases, please contact us in the following means of communications below or simply visit our shopee link at

Thank you for reading this far and stay tuned for the next article!

Contact Us:
09171927626 -both for communications and Gcash

Visit Us:
#75 Lower P. Burgos, Baguio City

Dayas Merchandise Store:

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