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“Life was always “Alone” to me . Just me and my aspirations for my family, overtime immersing myself locally and globally , a secret to “self-actualization” was deciphered . I became “ UNRIVALED “ when I realize the ecstatic self success of helping and having competent influence to others.” – Ms. Jianlin

An inspiring story will absolutely motivate you with this famous line” Help yourself first before Helping the World”, She is Ms. Jennylyn Galletes De Los Santos, also known as “Direk Jianlin”, our Cordilleran Realto”R”. Before she attained her success and became our talented and active Licensed Real Estate Consultant, Appraiser and Broker, she started her journey as one of our striving Overseas Filipino Worker abroad. She encountered several struggles in adapting the new environment but she made her mindset more focused on achieving her goal.

Despite of this, she educated herself to the things that she can use to be a productive and useful employee. Immersing and starting to love what you do will make your career on the right spot. Soon, because of her determination and loyalty, the company decided and trusted her the rights to franchise the company’s service to the Philippines.

Now, our Cordilleran Realto”R” already help thousands of our Kakailyan in the field of International Education and Real Estate opportunities. The “R” on her tagline Realto”R” stands for Ray Education, a great platform to her advocacy in helping our community to be Globally Competent through International Studies grant program.

Also, being one of the successful and finest licensed real estate practitioner in the city, she delivered new opportunities in showcasing the POWER of REAL ESTATE, BUILD and SELL strategy and INCOME INVESTMENTS under one of her company – CASA INFINI Builders.

Creativity and Marketing – two factors that initiate to come up on creating the BE UNRIVALED PRODUCTIONS. It is one of the department under RAY-CASA Group of Companies, a Tv Productions that aims to hone Filipinos to Never Settle For Less Invest on themselves, Be globally Competent and Build their own wealth through relevant programs with interesting segments.

The birth of RAY-CASA Group of Companies – Ray Education, Casa Infini Builders and Be Unrivaled Productions, created a various opportunities to help our community.

During this pandemic, Jianlin and her company anchored its mission to the word “Binnadang”, a cordilleran word means BAYANIHAN. She aims this year to give 500 jobs to our Kakailyans on different programs of the company – Reat Estate and International Education.

Indeed, we need to help our selves first on our goals in life, so we can share it to the world. Imposing that you should Never settle for less and always invest on your self, resulting to be a Globally competent individual and starting on building your own wealth.

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