Here’s your chance to earn P105k monthly!

What a year 2020! It is filled with all the negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences that one can think of. As optimists, we chose to battle these negativities and instead sought positive counter attack.

The remaining leaf of 2020 is falling off. Soon, it will be like the dried leaf that is blown by the wind. But will our fortune and will our future be gone also?

RAY- CASA group of companies, with 8-year corporate existence, launched 100 Wholesale Real Estate Deals amidst this global crisis. This project aims to help everyone to be income proof and to be financially ready and secured through real estate deals. Statistics and history prove that real estate properties value appreciates. Thirty years ago, the city of Baguio is devastated of the great loss brought by the killer quake. Properties – lots and houses were abandoned and were sold like candies. Today, these properties bought like candies are valued gold.

Inspired by the hopes of the past and the struggles of the present, Ray-Casa, with the able leadership of the Chief Executive Officer, Ms Jianlin F., REB, REA, and REC, presents an opportunity of revenue in the development of the real estate properties despite of this pandemic – building and developing projects through pooling financial resources of willing individuals.

The greatest part of the investment and the involvement in these real estate projects will EARN as much as 105,000.00php monthly for the next 8 months of 2021.  What an embodiment of letting your money work for you!

Be our PARTNER in our CAUSE. Be PART of the SOLUTION! EARN and DINE with us.

Attend the Acoustic Investment Nite on 22nd day of December 2020 @ Safari Log Cabin Hotel Grilling Station, Leonardwood Road, Baguio City. Luncheon Buffet will be served from 12 noon to 3 pm @ 1,500.00php per pax while the Cocktail Dinner Nite starts at 6 pm to 9pm @ 1,750.00php per pax.  Budding local Cordilleran talents and performers like Roque Belino, Andrej Dominik Agas, Cordilleran Power Duo, and more will fill the day with their performances.

What a rare opportunity of gathering people from all walks of life bound by the common desire to help at least 25 families fulfill the dream of owning home in the most affordable way without sacrificing the quality. It’s a get-together of kind- hearted humanity who not only care about their personal interests but share profound joy in the knowledge that their investment no matter how big or how small it is will help create jobs, “white-collar and blue-collar,” for at least 500 individuals this 2021.

Together, let’s secure our future!

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