How can Honor Studies help you in having Masteral Degree abroad?

68591107_374067079942885_3465519891786760192_n.jpg This is Ceni Langawin, a graduate of a Bachelors degree here in the Philippines and one of our recent client who availed the Honor Studies in Malaysia.

She wanted to have Masteral Studies abroad. However, finishing a 4 year course was not enough to get her Masters Degree. Her credentials were only equated to 2 years of Bachelors studies instead of 4 years based on the acceptance parameter of International Schools for Masters Program. Therefore, if she wants to proceed for her Masters degree abroad she needs to have additional 2 years of bridge program to compensate for her 2 years gap in bachelors studies, before she can proceed with her 2 years Masteral Degree. So that’s a total of 4 years just to finish Masteral Degree.

That’s pretty expensive and taxing right? Good news is that we have Honor Studies that can help bridge the gap in bachelors studies the shortest possible way.

With Honor Studies, instead of going thru another 2 years of bachelors study, you will just go through the program for 8 months. After that, you can now apply anywhere in the globe, like U.S., Canada, New Zealand, or Australia for your Masteral Degree!


Fascinating isn’t it?

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