Why English Language is important and why do you need TESOL?

English is the lingua franca of the world. It is the global language. Having a good command of it is a great tool for success in endeavors especially in the global arena.

Based on statistics, the number of learning the language continues to soar as the use of English in the field of education, medical, business, and society is highly encouraged.

Teaching the English language remains and continues to grow as one of the lucrative engagement this time. The number of people learning the language from young age keeps on increasing and growing.  Research shows that people invest for personal growth and development. Learning English or having a command of the language is a great professional investment.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) course certifies one to be a globally competent mentor of the English language. TESOL certificate is the only widely accepted credential to teach the language. It is an online course, self-paced course and modular course. The recipient of the certificate can use it to engage in a profitable pursuit anywhere – may it be in the outskirts of China or to the farthest end of the globe so long as they are willing to learn the international language.

For each group of learners, there is a specific course to answer the needs.

TESOL for Children. This course is recommended for those who love to interact with the young minds. This self-paced course equips the teacher with the skills and strategies to get through to the inquisitive mind of the children. The course is composed of 20 modules.

Advanced TESOL. Learning English is for all ages. Teaching English to adults is an equally rewarding job. Skills and strategies to maximize the learning experiences of the English adult learners are the lessons of this course. One needs to complete the 20 modules in this course.

Business TESOL. The need for business executives to use the English language in the conduct of the business is a great demand these days.  This course equips the teacher the knowledge of know-how of the daily business transaction to ensure that the need of the entrepreneurs who will enroll in their classes will be met. This course is 14 modules only.

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You can be internationally recognized to teach all over the globe with TESOL Program!

NO NEED to go through agencies! After your certification with TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Program you can now apply directly to companies anywhere in the world and be recognized as a Professional English Teacher!

Course Requirement:

  • At Least High School Graduate
  • At least 18 years old
  • Resume
  • Course Intake: Anytime
  • Course Duration: 1 day to 6 months
  • Validity of Certificate: Lifetime. No Expiry.

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