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Most people think it’s difficult to study or work abroad using their credentials. For one, they think it’s expensive and second they don’t have “show money” in the bank to support this. Well they are partly correct! That’s why often times they ended up pursuing their careers here in our country and become slaves in the corporate world with little success rate. And some would pursue their career abroad but as laborers instead of their field of studies. This is a shameful situation that has been going on for many many years here in our country. And now it’s  time to break this stereotype!

Through years of working internationally, I have found a way to outwit this vicious cycle.

The very key to rise above from this is EDUCATION — giving yourself exposure to international studies and certifications that is globally recognized, so in turn what you have worked hard for in our country can be recognized worldwide!

Is it expensive? Well, unlike most agencies, I have direct partnership with Internationally accredited Universities and other world recognized Institutions who provide certifications that are recognized both here and abroad. Therefore, the only thing you have to pay for are the “real charges” — eliminating the cost of the “middle man”  (Agency fees!).  I know how taxing this is and you don’t have to worry because I will walk you through every single step of the way. My team and I will prepare you and help you achieve your goal and be equally recognized internationally.

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